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25-Oct-2017 00:03

They also require a dose of anaesthetic up to 20% higher than others.

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Which translates to between 70 and 140 million redheads the world over.

So with all of this redhead hype, do you think it's an opportune time to be a copper-haired lady?

"In Canada there's not a lot of redheads, and for me as a really ridiculously gay kid, having red hair only heightened my sense of isolation because nobody looked like me, nobody lisped like me or burnt under the sun like I did", Hitchins told the BBC.

But other scientists prefer to think of gingers as the result of 'genetic drift': red hair (and lighter skin) occurs in sunnier climes as well, but the reduced tolerance to UV rays means that gingers are less likely to survive and thrive there.

'Gingerism' hasn't stopped redheads from achieving great things.

prostitutes) had red hair, to name but one now discredited example.

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