Non intimidating thesaurus

16-Sep-2017 01:49

She quotes a BBC report that our attention spans may be as low as nine seconds, about the equivalent of a goldfish.

Hogshead says that the challenge to reach people with such a short attention span is to quickly capture their attention and “fascinate” them. Not only are we prone to talk this way in PR circles, but our non-PR audience can easily misinterpret what we’re trying to communicate to them. Cory Maloy of Snapp Conner PR suggests six methods to avoid jargon in your messaging: Content marketing isn’t anything new.

“Bringing the functional benefit of our messages to life isn’t a nice to have, it’s a must have….

We need to speak in an authentic voice and apply our proposition to our audience in a meaningful way.

I mention this only because sometimes a criticism about testing is a critique about some other aspect of a process (automation, for instance). In his essay, “Is Art or Math More Important in PR?

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Sarah Love of March Communications writes that many companies identify their key features before they identify their value proposition.Here’s a thought experiment: Imagine that a PR professional or organization uses a small sample of people to determine an optimal message for mass distribution (be it by A/B testing, focus group, or other means).