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She goes back to the law firm and brings her boss the things she asked for (giving her the scarf Larissa gave her as well) with a warning to be more obedient or her internship will be taken away.

After continuously refusing to sleep with his girlfriend Maggie, Walt eventually breaks up with her as he once again struggles with his sexual orientation.

She returns home an hour past curfew to find her younger sister, Dorit, missing.

Showing up early the next morning, drunk, Dorit gets an earful from Carrie about the hardships of taking their mom's place.

Mouse conveniently situated nearby sees this and immediately calls Carrie.

Carrie remarks that she trusts him and Mouse warns her to ask him about it the next day.

After Dorrit's attempt to sneak out of the house is thwarted, she discovers hanging out with her father isn't so bad.

Mouse finally goes on a date with her boyfriend, Seth, and he reveals his feelings for her.

When Carrie informs Sebastian that she knows about him and his affair with his former teacher, he decides that they should not see each other anymore.

Tom tries to protect Carrie by telling her that she should not be dating Sebastian because of his past background.

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Carrie, Dorrit, Maggie and Mouse all hang out and have a girls night.

Walt, in an act of confusion about his sexuality, loses his virginity to Maggie.