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And, some people don’t know what to do, so they stay in that situation, because they feel like they don’t have the power to get away from it. It could be a huge catalyst because I really want a career in music.

So, that song is a reminder you have power to get yourself out of this situation. People have been coming to me with personal stories and how the song related to them. That’s like the life and the heartbeat of the song right there. But, if it doesn’t have any kind of impact or people don’t relate to it on a personal level, then it means nothing to me. I’d also love to collaborate with people like Tori Kelly, I feel, would just be so cool. I really can’t see myself doing anything else and I feel like to win “America’s Got Talent” could put me in a really good position to have that kind of career. CG: I’m so thankful and I’m super humbled by this whole experience.

In his audition, Goehring strummed his guitar and sang through the opening verses, reminding the girl at the heart of the song, “Hey baby, you don’t have to live this way.” Then mid-song, he launched into a rap with word-winding precision and silky-smooth speed.

All four AGT judges rose to their feet at the end of the song and Mel B was visibly moved by its empowering message.

Someone posts on Facebook or Social media the big news that they are “HEADED TO NASHVILLE” and very excited for their trip.

A quick search of Goehring's You Tube channel calls up several riveting original tunes like “A Capella” and “California,” as well as some impressive covers including Ed Sheeran’s “A Team,” One Direction’s “Story of My Life,” and a sweet, acoustic rendition of Shawn Mendes’ “Stitches.” Goehring has already had some reality competition experience, having competed in the third season of “The X Factor USA.” His loyal fan base, called Chasers, have followed his post-“X Factor” musical endeavors with ardent enthusiasm.

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