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01-Oct-2017 11:38

'We would be delighted if others followed our lead.

Hopefully these shots will be a step, albeit a small one, towards more people feeling more comfortable about their bodies,' said Ed Watson, Director of PR at Debenhams.'As a commentator on the importance of seeing a broader range of body and beauty ideals in our media, I never underestimate the power of great clothes to bolster self-esteem, or the impact of imagery that celebrates difference,' she added.'I have long been concerned that idealised, unrealistic media images play a significant part in lowering self-esteem and reducing women’s confidence and contribution – at school, at work, and in society.

Miley Cyrus sang one of her signature hits and Blake Shelton got dissed by one of his teammates.

Also, Adam Levine and his contestant showed they are basically best friends.

Leah Washington was one of two teenagers left needing an amputation after their rollercoaster carriage smashed into a stationary train at the Staffordshire theme park in 2015.

In an exclusive interview with Mail Online, Leah says she is adjusting to her life as an amputee and trying to decide what to do with her future Living at home with her parents, who have moved into a rented bungalow so that she does not have to navigate stairs, Leah has had to accept that her disability means her dreams of becoming a teacher may be over.

I understand that complex claims like mine take a long time.She was on a date with her boyfriend of just six weeks, 18-year-old Joe Pugh, who suffered devastating injuries himself including two shattered kneecaps.In an exclusive interview with Mail Online, Leah, who is facing another round of surgery in September and has been receiving interim payments to cover medical bills, says she is adjusting to her life as an amputee and trying to decide what to do with her future.A revival of The Office is in the works for NBC but Steve Carell won’t be returning as Michael Scott, according to multiple reports.

Following in the successful footsteps of the Golden Globe-nominated Will & Grace reboot, the network is looking to bring back the hit comedy for the 2018-2019 season, according to TVLine. The final four contestants performed for the last time during part one of the season finale of The Voice on Monday, December 18.Despite having a state-of-the-art £60,000 prosthetic leg which allows her to walk unaided, the teenager still suffers crippling pain and fatigue after standing for long periods - making her teaching assistant apprenticeship difficult.