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Often represented as a gear icon on a smartphone or tablet, "settings" is an app that lets you customize your device to fit your preferences.In general, a smart device will have settings for wireless connections, device-related options, such as screen brightness, notification sounds, and date and time, and privacy and security controls, such as location services and screen lock set-up.You can: On a smartphone, data refers to any way that you use the web, including email, web surfing, playing games that serve ads, or getting turn-by-turn directions.In this area of settings, you may also be able to view how much data you've consumed for the month and which of your apps are using the most of it.

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Newer i Phones and Android devices have a feature called Do Not Disturb, which mutes notifications you deem unimportant and lets through the ones you can't miss, including alarms, for a particular period.

Whether you're on your first smartphone or your seventh, settings are or will be one of your best friends.